Jan 252014

Mike Dewar

Colonel Mike Dewar locking the gates at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester, 1986 and the last post being played by bugler Dave Seagar.

Mike Dewar was commissioned into The Rifle Brigade in 1962, He was a platoon commander in Cyprus and in the successful jungle campaign in Borneo. He was an instructor at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, He served in Berlin and Germany during the Cold War and was a Company Commander in Northern Ireland.

He served as General Nigel Bagnall`s principal operations Staff Officer in the British Corps HQ at the height of the Cold War, commanding The light Division and the 2nd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets and was the first Colonel Defence Studies.

He left the military in 1990 to take up an appointment as Deputy Director of the prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, where he became a familiar face on the nation`s TV screens as the leading UK commentator on The Gulf Wars, Iraq, Northern Ireland, The Bosnian Conflict and also more recently Afghanistan.

Not only was he able to draw on his military experience but also he had travelled to many of these conflict zones as part of his duties at the IISS.

Mike Dewar is an established author on Military History and contemporary military issues. His best known works include The British Army in Northern Ireland which has been required at several Staff Colleges for many years; A History of Deception in Warfare; A History of Urban Warfare; Brush Fire Wars and An Anthology of Military Quotations. Dewar also writes regularly for the national press on current defence issues. He also speaks twice a year in Dublin on the Anglo Irish peace process.

Sourced from Military Speakers

Picture from the RGJ Museum or Cafe Peninsula (Formally Falling Plates)