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We have now added 6 designs at the IPO,

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Memorial At Peninsula

Memorial At Peninsula

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Intellectual property of MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD as seen on the Chairs, Transfers/Graphic Designs/Drawings of the following; the

Green Jackets Brigade Badge, worn and The Royal Green Jackets Badge, worn.

3,918,021 / 022 / 023 / 024 (The Graphic Designs of The RGJ and GJB Cap Badges Worn on The Beret) We do not own the Badges only The Graphic Design of them.

It is noteworthy to remark that both of the above are unique to MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD as they differ from from those supplied by The Ministry of Defence in United kingdom.

Both Badges that have been used and to which MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD own the drawings/transfers and graphic designs are not supplied by The Ministry of Defence however The Ministry of Defence are aware of their usage and have documented consent this is due to the differences and no licence is required for their usage and that permission is granted although this is a courteous gesture as they do not hold the rights to the badges.

Should the need arise documentation to the above facts can be supplied.

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