Any Companies wishing to be added to the site supporter’s list,
please contact the Memorial team for details.

Hilltop Florist Company Donation P
Western Power Company Donation L
Andy McNab The_Real_McNab E
Huw Thomas Architect No Funding A
Steve Brine, MP for Winchester
and Chandlers Ford
No Funding S
RGJRA No Funding E
Winchester Military Museums No Funding _
RGJ Museum No Funding S
The Rifles Living History Society U
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (The 2/4th Battalion) http://oxfordshireandbuckinghamshire… P
Sharpe Appreciation Society O
Winchester City Council No Funding R
J Gubric Website, DVD, Builder and Designer Nottingham Road Eastwood T
Winchester Reunion 2012 /13 Kind donations from fellow Riflemen _
National Lottery Grants No Funding U
Hampshire County Council No Funding S
Personal Donations from Fellow Riflemen…and members of the public.


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Karen Louise (Weddings) initial Funding from Karen Louise (Weddings) £

Light Bobs-

The World War One Historical Association-

Balaka Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine (Winchester)-

Royal Chelsea Hospital-No Funding

Peninsular War-

Not Forgotten Society-

Forces United-

Garry Cartwright Artist-