Any Companies wishing to be added to the site supporter’s list,
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Hilltop Florist Company Donation P
Western Power Company Donation L
Andy McNab The_Real_McNab E
Huw Thomas Architect No Funding A
Steve Brine, MP for Winchester
and Chandlers Ford
No Funding S
RGJRA No Funding E
Winchester Military Museums No Funding _
RGJ Museum No Funding S
The Rifles Living History Society U
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (The 2/4th Battalion) http://oxfordshireandbuckinghamshire… P
Sharpe Appreciation Society O
Winchester City Council No Funding R
J Gubric Website, DVD, Builder and Designer Nottingham Road Eastwood T
Winchester Reunion 2012 /13 Kind donations from fellow Riflemen _
National Lottery Grants No Funding U
Hampshire County Council No Funding S
Personal Donations from Fellow Riflemen…and members of the public.


Chris Mahony, Gary Heritage, Malcolm Donninson, G Turnbull, Hilltop Florist, Ssgt Clare, Jamie Balfour, Ian Merlane, Denis Palmer, J A Rosser, Neil Hunt, ken and Hilda Ward, East Midlands Branch RGJA, Keith Kneller, Terry Cannon, Deane Knight, Guy Harris, D. Wickham, D and I Reekie, Dot Cotton, John Rodger Davis, Michael T B Cathorne, Mark Eustace, Chris Acker, Martin Wilkes, Gren Wilson, Francis Hone, Johnny Sparks, Terry Bowbanks, Gary Lamb, Matthew Edwards, George Vinson, Mark Rogers, Andy Robinson, Michael Davies, Steve Hodge, Billy Kemp, Carole Watson, Dave Walker, Len Readall, T J Hutchins,  Anthony Bishop, Billy Mycock, Garry Williams, Paul Axtell, David Hemstead, Pete Towers, Dave Savage, Paul Munday, Terry Burrows, Chalky White 6728, Dave Eastwood, Francis Hone, T J Cole, Pete Browning, Ian Knuckles Davies, Sean Wheeler, Glen Ternent, Mary Goodard, Mr & Mrs Seed, Tim Merry, Richard Patey, Vincent Coupe, David Lowe, Barry Connor, Frank Stone, Kate Jackson, Edward Smyth, Alfie Fisher, Pete Page, Neil Ward, Shaun B, Martin Coates, Pete Hamilton, David Makanjuloa, Steve Radley, Richard Hewitt, Hemskerk Azn B.V., Elaine Frampton, Andrew Mullen, Eileen and Mick Taylor, Mark Makepeace, Billy Makepeace, Mr Tite, Mr Berry, Mr Dan Berry, Mr Sharkey, Arman-Jones, Mr Murphy, Mr Enoch, Mr Robby, Mr Rolfe, Mr Mansfield, Mr Joyce, Mr Gibbons, Mr Clarke, Roy Cook, Phil Johnson, John Weighman, Lee Pavely, Ryan Jarvis, Dave Murary, Tina Curson, Bob Davidson, Jacqui Davidson, Chris Cork, John Cohen, Simon Stanford-Tuck, John White, Dave Atwill, Bob Newman, Paul Haigh, John Clayton, Andy Feery, Roy Brown, Mr ans Mrs Dooley, David Brown, Marian Henson, Austin Bishop, John Carder (RAF), Aaron Green, Janae Postma, Len Chapell, Andy Gallagher NATO, Paul Kneller, Tracy Smith, Tim Johnson, Matthew and Aaron Cathorne, Ashley and Gemma Todd, The Foresters ( Newthorpe), Velma Chambers, Anthony Byrne, Bee`s Flowers, Ian Smudger, Pete Whitham, Maggie Wright for Dave Ridley, Pauline Wiggington and Noah Pendenque, Karen Platts, Mike Buckley, Emma Johnson, Paul Banks, Diamond Financial, Stephen Cleland, Sam Naylor, Kevin Jones, The Balaka, Mary Drayton, Alma Leslie White, (Bill Shipton £1:00), Carl Percy, Rosie Webster, Sy (Greasley Castle), Colin Nicholls, Roy Basila, Paul and Teresa Scott, Emma and Andy Lowe, Harriett Terry, Wendy Turland, Jo Kidger, Steve Mace, Gubric, Pick and Davy, Mr and Mrs Cassidy, Darren Gerrard, Kelly Marshall-Hill, Pauline Carrington, Nikki Porter, Toni Smith, Anne and Denis, George Moraru, Brittany, Bland Restoration Services Ltd, Arron Dawson,

Karen Louise (Weddings) initial Funding from Karen Louise (Weddings) £

Light Bobs-

The World War One Historical Association-

Balaka Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine (Winchester)-

Royal Chelsea Hospital-No Funding

Peninsular War-

Not Forgotten Society-

Forces United-

Garry Cartwright Artist