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The Royal Green Jackets / Rifles Museum


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The original Curator of the Royal Green Jackets Museum was Ron Cassidy

Ron Cassidy with his new recruits outside The Museum

Picture sourced from a Museum leaflet 

The Royal Green Jackets Museum in Winchester, England showcases artifacts from British military history, specifically that of the Royal Green Jackets regiment and its antecedent regiments.

The spotlight on the Royal Green Jackets (1966) includes the Green Jackets Brigade (1958), the Oxfordshire Light Infantry, Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, The King`s Royal Rifle Corps (1755), The Rifle Brigade, and other military organizations dating back to 1741.

The museum houses uniforms, weapons, silver, paintings, medals, battle models and dioramas, including:

34 of the Regiment’s Victoria Cross medals are on display

Writing case used by General James Wolfe at Quebec

Clothing worn by the Duke of Wellington.

Nine scale models of famous battles, including a Battle of Waterloo diorama made up of 22,000 pieces

Prisoner of War uniform worn by Sergeant Andy McNab after the Iraqis captured him in 1991.

Visitors also have the opportunity to fire a replica of the baker rifle.

Queen Elizabeth II, the regiment’s commanding officer, opened the museum in 1989.


Kenny Gray showing off a set of medals outside the museum 

Picture by Memorial at Peninsula Ltd

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