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Our mission is to erect a lasting tribute, which will form a place to reflect, a trip down memory lane, so for some this will be a memorial at Peninsula Barracks, which was and is the ancestral home of the Green Jackets.

Sadly in 1986, the barracks closed its gates as a Military home to the service personnel of The Royal Green Jackets; the Soldiers marched for the last time through the gates to a barracks outside of Winchester which was to be a shared residence; with other Regiments.

From 1958 until 2007 the Green Jackets and latterly named The Royal Green Jackets have sustained losses both on home ground and in theatre (operations worldwide).

172 families have borne their losses without ceremony and with dignity. For them they have memories and the knowledge that their loved ones died proud to be counted as a member of the family of the Green Jackets.

The Rifles, which is made up of some service personnel from our disbanded regiment, The Royal Green Jackets and other Regiments, will also be mentioned on the lasting tribute, they too have also sustained losses, and casualties, since their formation.

It is hoped that this lasting tribute when in situate, will lend to raising awareness of all of our forefathers associations and sister regiments associations and in so doing, help raise funds for care for casualties, which is to help Riflemen and their dependents. Once a Rifleman always a Rifleman, one extended family.

Although each Service Man or Woman is given a Regimental number they are individuals who have chosen to serve their Sovereign and Country, they are someone’s Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Friend, Comrade a Kin of the Regiment and an accepted member of Her Majesties Armed forces.

Service personnel that have just become adults with their whole life ahead of them have died in baron land, having left their home wishing to return…

The mission (aim and objective) is to erect a lasting tribute which will showcase the illustrious regiments of times gone past, which have all amalgamated to form the Regiment of The Royal Green Jackets, and whilst doing so will also showcase the extended family of green, to include The RIFLES.

The lasting tribute at Peninsula barracks will be generic.

The fallen, are named and remembered on the wall of remembrance at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The aim is to bring to our ancestral home a tribute which will serve as a showcase of history and recognition of the ties between the City of Winchester and the Regiment, our forefathers and Sister regiments, the greater family of green.

For those that came home and continued to serve they were met by the Government’s decision to disband the Regiment.

A new Regiment was formed by way of a re-badging in 2007. The Royal Green Jackets ceased to be an active Regiment of the British Army; this was met by sadness up and down the Country; particularly in the city of Winchester, The Royal Green Jackets had been granted freedom of the city some years before.

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, the Regiment Colonel in Chief also met the decision with sadness.

The lasting tribute will be a quiet place of reflection, a place where some will reflect and honour their brothers, also a way of recognizing the first mechanized Infantry Regiment that this Country had, a step back into history, whilst remembering our forefathers and their Regiments.

This tribute will be an act of remembrance for so many, a path to heal the bereaved, a step forward into the history of the Regiment. It will further cement the ties between the City of Winchester and the Regiments Veterans.

It is the aim to erect the lasting tribute in readiness for the 2014 anniversary of the First World War, thus remembering our forefathers.

The group which is made up of Veterans and family dependents is solely funded and manned by volunteers; it is reliant on the support of the public.


The Tribute Chair

Please support this project.

But for them you have to day.

They gave for your today.

They shall grow not old.

We shall remember them.