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Order of the British Empire

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is an Order of chivalry established on 4th June 1917 by King George V. The Order is composed of five classes in civil and military divisions. In descending order of seniority, these are:

1 / Knight Grand Cross or Dame Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (GBE)

2 / Knight Commander or Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (KBE or DBE)

3 /Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE)

4 / Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)

5 / Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Only the highest two ranks automatically entitle its recipient to become a Knight or Dame, an honour allowing (but not prescribing) the postulant to use the title “Sir” (male) or “Dame” (female) before his or her first name (though men can be Knighted separately from this and other Orders of Chivalry). Honorary knighthoods, given to individuals who are not nationals of a realm where Queen Elizabeth II is Head of State, permit use of the honour as apost-nominal but not as a title before their name. Awards in the Order of the British Empire were discontinued in those Commonwealth realms that established national systems of honours and awards such as the Order of Canada, the Order of Australia and the New Zealand Order of Merit. Foreign recipients are classified as honorary members of the Order they receive, and do not contribute to the numbers restricted to that Order as full members do.

There is also a related British Empire Medal, whose recipients are not members of the Order, but who are nonetheless affiliated with the Order. The British Empire Medal had not been used in the United Kingdom or its dependencies since 1993, but was revived in 2012 with 293 BEMs awarded for the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee. In addition, BEM is used by the Cooks Islands and by some other Commonwealth nations.

The Order’s motto is For God and the Empire. It is the most junior of the British orders of chivalry, and the largest, with over 100,000 living members worldwide.

Regimental Awards

Gen Sir Antony Read – GBE

Gen Sir Frank Kitson – GBE


Lt Gen Sir Richard Fyffe – KBE

Maj Gen AJ Wilson – KBE

Lt Gen CBQ Wallace – KBE


Brig AJ Wilson – CBE

Brig DG House – CBE

Brig RC Gibbs – CBE

Brig HRW Vernon – CBE

Brig P Hudson – CBE

Brig FE Kitson – CBE

Brig JDF Mostyn – CBE

Brig DM Pontifex – CBE

Maj Gen RK Guy – CBE

Col JStC Simmons – CBE

Brig ME Carleton-Smith – CBE

Brig DJ Ramsbotham – CBE

Col JR Cornell – CBE

Lt Col CBQ Wallace – CBE

Maj Gen CEW Jones – CBE

Brig CLGG Henshaw – CBE

Col ARD Pringle – CBE

Brig CGC Vyvyan – CBE

Brig GdeVW Hayes – CBE

Brig MCH Manners-Smith – CBE

Col M Smith – CBE

Brig JMJ Balfour – CBE

Brig NR Parker – CBE

Brig EA Butler – CBE

Brig JH Gordon – CBE

HCG Willing – CBE

Col EP Davies – CBE -MBE – / Late LI

Col (Hon Brig) HCG Willing- CBE – / Late RGJ


Lt Col FE Kitson – OBE

Lt Col The Viscount Eden – OBE

Lt Col JHW Haddon – OBE

Lt Col DJ Ramsbotham – OBE

Lt Col PM Welsh – OBE

Lt Col RM Koe – OBE

Lt Col JStC Simmons – OBE

Lt Col MR Pennell – OBE

Col RC Nightingale – OBE

Lt Col ID Corden-Lloyd – OBE

Lt Col SF Cave – OBE

Lt Col The Hon PN Trustram-Eve – OBE

Lt Col GD Johnson – OBE

LtCol CAS Hinton – OBE

Lt Col JP Foley – OBE

Lt Col P Treneer-Michell – OBE

Lt Col CJ Mc Harrisson – OBE

Lt Col CCLO Owen – OBE

Lt Col AE Berry – OBE

Lt Col DJ Innes – OBE

Lt Col NA Johnson – OBE

Lt Col NJ Cottam – OBE

Lt Col JMJ Balfour – OBE

Lt Col NJ Mangnall – OBE

Lt Col M Smith – OBE

Lt Col AJR Jackson – OBE

Col JA Daniell – OBE

Lt Col RCJ Martin – OBE

Lt Col RJ Rimmer – OBE

Col SC Hearn – OBE

Col NP Carter – OBE

Lt Col PNYM Sanders – OBE

Col JCC Schute – OBE

Col RP Winser – OBE

Lt Col Bowron – OBE – DSO / LI

Lt Col SCD Mills – OBE / LI

Lt Col TB Radford – OBE – MBE / LI

Lt Col ME Thornton – OBE / LI

Lt Col DJ Harrison – OBE

Lt Col PJA Balls- OBE

Lt Col DAJ Brow – OBE


Maj ME Carleton-Smith – MBE

Lt Col DM Stileman – MBE

Maj AJ Lamb – MBE

Maj RA Pascoe – MBE

Maj TM Hartley – MBE

Maj GD Johnson – MBE

Capt LD Jones – MBE

Capt RM Kemball – MBE

Capt GF Smythe – MBE

Capt RJ Cassidy – MBE

Maj CGC Vyvyan – MBE

Capt CHA Hawker – MBE

Maj P Treener-Michell – MBE

Capt FA Williams – MBE

WO2 PJ Layton – MBE

Maj D Williams – MBE

Capt WG Logdon – MBE

Maj FA Petra – MBE

Maj GC Stacey – MBE

Maj CBQ Wallace – MBE

Maj JM Taylor – MBE

WO2 LR Trower – MBE

Maj JV Keyte – MBE

Maj PJ Lyddon – MBE

Maj ARD Pringle – MBE

Maj JPO Beddard – MBE

Capt RAM Constant – MBE

Maj DH Godsal – MBE

Maj PD Browne – MBE

WO1(BM) DG Little – MBE

Capt MBD Smith – MBE

Maj WJ Taylor – MBE

Maj RA Churcher – MBE

Maj NJ Mangnall – MBE

Maj JH Gordon – MBE

Maj H Babbington-Smith – MBE

Sgt P Flaherty – MBE

WO2 J Pickford – MBE

Maj NRG Chavasse – MBE

Maj MFJ Gleeson – MBE

WO2 MF Godbold – MBE

Maj AEH Worsley – MBE

Maj JIS Plastow – MBE

Maj NP Carter – MBE

Maj JH Gordon – MBE

Maj EA Butler – MBE

Lt Col PJF Schofield – MBE

Maj TL Smith – MBE

Cpl BK Brown – MBE

Maj NJR Haddock – MBE

Maj PJ Proctor – MBE

Maj TH Emck – MBE

WO2 KT Oxby – MBE

Lt Col F Cox – MBE

WO1 AF Hands – MBE

WO2 MJ Morgan – MBE

CSgt M Pashby – MBE

Maj SP Plummer – MBE

Maj T Roper – MBE

WO1 S Hopgood – MBE

Maj RHS Shaw – MBE

Lt Col JCW Maciejewsk – MBE

iCapt MR Robson – MBE

Maj RJ Thomson – MBE

Capt MJ Dicks – MBE

Capt TH Wilson-Hutton-Stott RRV – MBE

WO1 WH Arkley – MBE

Capt CB Smith – MBE

Maj JA Stevens – MBE

Maj AKJ Norman-Walker – MBE

WO1 J Dawson – MBE

WO2 GP Hyatt – MBE

Maj MC Gidlow-Jackson – MBE

Sourced from Wikipedia and RGJRA http://www.rgjassociation.info/

original source from www.thegazette.co.uk