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British Empire Medal

The British Empire Medal (BEM) is a British medal awarded for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown.It was established in 1922 to replace the Medal of the Order of the British Empire. Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters “BEM” and it is divided into civil and military medals in a similar way to the Ordedr of the Britsh Empire itself. While recipients are not technically counted as members of the Order, these medals are nevertheless affiliated with it. The BEM was awarded to subjects of the United Kingdom until 1993, after which time it lay in abeyance in the United Kingdom, although was still awarded in some Commonwealth realms. It was brought out of abeyance in June 2012, for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Regimental Awards

WO1 FGR Tibble – BEM

Sgt GI Morgan – BEM

Cpl PK Sumner – BEM

CSgt A Iles – BEM

Sgt JH Stokes – BEM

CSgt C Green – BEM

CSgt A Notley – BEM

Sgt F Ward – BEM

Cpl AJ Pierce – BEM

Cpl DA Brittain – BEM

WO2 BE Darvill – BEM

CSgt JEC Clifton – BEM

CSgt B Edwards – BEM

CSgt MJ O’Hara – BEM

CSgt KG Cox – BEM

Sgt T Evans – BEM

Sgt JJV McEvoy – BEM

CSgt G Morrish – BEM

CSgt JHA Needham – BEM

CSgt GB Ternent – BEM

Sgt CM Cooper – BEM

WO2 IS Roberts – BEM

Sgt DJ Townley – BEM

Sgt CF Branson – BEM

CSgt JDS Humphrey – BEM

CSgt P Palmer – BEM

Sourced from Wikipedia and the RGJRA  http://www.rgjassociation.info

original source from www.thegazette.co.uk