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Mentioned in Dispatches

A soldier mentioned in dispatches ( or despatches ) (MID) is one whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which is described the soldiers gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy.

In a number of countries, a soldier’s name must be mentioned in dispatches as a condition for receiving certain decorations.

In the British Armed Forces, the despatch is published in the London Gazette.

Example of a Victory Medal 1914–18 with Mention in Despatches (British) oak leaf spray

Soldiers of the British Empire or the Commonwealth of Nations who are mentioned in dispatches but do not receive a medal for their action, are nonetheless entitled to receive a certificate and wear a decoration. For 1914–1918 and up to 10 August 1920, the decoration consisted of a spray of oak leaves in bronze. This decoration was only established in 1919, but it had retroactive effect. From 1920 to 1993, the decoration consisted of a single bronze oak leaf, and in the Canadian Forces still does. Even if the soldier is mentioned in dispatches more than once, only a single such decoration is worn. In Britain, since 1993, the decoration is a single silver oak leaf. In each case the decoration is pinned or sewn diagonally on to the appropriate campaign medal ribbon. If no campaign medal is awarded, the oak leaf is worn on the left breast of the dress uniform.

Prior to 1979, a mention in dispatches was one of the few awards that could be made posthumously, the others being the Victoria Cross and George Cross. This anomaly caused considerable anguish. If a man performed an act of an unusually high degree of heroism, which led to his death, his commanders would know that any recognition of such a magnificent and inspirational act would be either the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth’s highest decoration – and therefore the subject of much scrutiny, both before and after it was awarded – or else the MiD, the Commonwealth’s lowest decoration – a decoration that did not even confer its own discrete medal. There have been several instances where colleagues, and those reading the reports, have been left with the uncomfortable feeling that a brave individual, who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life for the cause, was ‘dishonoured’ by their country, by being given an award much lower than the one that might have been given them had they survived. The 1979 reform removed the ‘all or nothing’ lottery.

Soldiers can be mentioned multiple times. The British First World War Victoria Cross recipient John Vereker, later Field Marshal Viscount Gort, was mentioned in dispatches nine times, as was the Canadian general Sir Arthur Currie. The Australian general Gordon Bennett was mentioned in dispatches a total of eight times during the First World War, as was John Dill.

Below are illustrations of the MiD being worn on a variety of ribbons, applying to the different armed services, the different nations of the Commonwealth and the different types of operation – campaigns recognised with a discrete medal, general war service, internal-security ‘Emergencies’ and UN peacekeeping operations – from across the 20th century:

Victory Medal MID ribbon bar.svg Victory Medal First World War
Naval General Service Medal 1915 BAR MID.svg Naval General Service Medal Campaign Service
(1920 onwards version)
General Service Medal 1918 BAR MID.svg  General Service Medal Campaign Service
(1920 onwards version)
War Medal 39-45 w MID BAR.svg  War Medal 1939-1945 Second World War
Korea Medal BAR MID.svg  Korea Medal Korean war
General Service Medal 1962 BAR MID.svg  General Service Medal Campaign Service
Vietnam Medal BAR MID.svg  Vietnam Medal Vietnam war
Gulf Medal BAR MID.svg  Gulf Medal Gulf war

Regimental MID

Brig HMG Bond

Lt Col ENW Bramall

Maj RA Pascoe

Capt RH Kerr

LT PJW Harrison

Sgt T Lloyd

Rfn MF Ryves

Cpl D Hunt

Sgt KC Ambrose

Cpl DJ Baker

2Lt JA Daniell

Lt ABC Dollard

Rfn J MCA Farrier

Rfn JH Hanna

Cpl TH Hansford

Maj CLGG Henshaw

Cpl APF Liggins

Rfn MJ O`Shea

Lt ADM Palmer

Cpl I Parfitt

2Lt CJL Puxley

Sgt CP Slocombe

Cpl JW Sweeney

Cpl GA Coney

Cpl Grimes

Capt Gde VW Hayes

Lt Col CEW Jones

Cpl BE Lawrence

Capt NC Legh

WO2 P Maher

Maj SCH Marriott

Sgt J Mulvaney

Rfn L Murray

Capt BW Rimmer

LCpl A Robe

Cpl DJ Shepherd

Capt The Right Hon PR Smith

Cpl EC Tuvey

Lt Col JRG Evelegh

Sgt W Foxton

CSgt CF Heyman

Cpl SL Holman

Lt Col RAS Pascoe

LCpl DJ Rimmer

Capt JR Rimmer

Cpl MJ Harris

Cpl D Judge

2Lt AC Kinnear

Maj PJ Lyddon

Capt RCH Luscombe

Sgt FJ O`Shea

Rfn Gd Reid

Lt PJF Schofield

Cpl K Spence

Capt RGK Williamson

Maj JMP Durcan

Lt MJ Austin

LCpl WJ Gordon

Maj Gde VW Hayes

Capt PJM Hearn

CSgt RJ Meeson

Lt Col MJC Taylor

Cpl RJ Wright

 ( Posthumous ) Cpl RE Armstrong

Capt RAM Constant

Capt AM Coles

Sgt RJ Jones

Cpl M Haley

Cpl PA Sheddon

Cpl CE McBride

LCpl AJM Crook

Sgt P Bohan

Sgt AD Jones

Maj RP Matters

CSgt PMJ O`Brian

Lt Col CCLO Owen

Maj PD Browne

Rfn PA Ross

Col CBQ Wallace

Lt Col G deVW Hayes

Maj SR Stanford-Truck

Lt Col RJ Rimmer

Lt Col JS Carter

Lt Col SC Hearn

CSgt EV Baker

CSgt MJ Keating

Lt Col AMD Palmer

Capt EA Butler

Cpl WB Tyson

Rfn SG Fairs

Maj NR Haddock

Capt NJ Hyslop

Capt JL Mann

Lt Col CEM Snagge

Maj DM Tobey

Cpl G Wilkinson

Capt JRD Bryson

Col NJ Cottam

LCpl DRW Ware

Cpl ME Downard

Lt MA Hughes

Cpl M Harris

Sgt G Miller

Maj S Plummer

Sgt SM McNiff

CSgt SM McNiff

Maj ME Foster-Brown

Lt Col MJE Ellis

Lcpl SA Flores

Major ME Foster-Brown

Rfn DR Jones

Rfn VR Ratu

Rfn B Campbell

Rfn AC Gormley

( Posthumous) Maj PHG Harding  (KIA )

Maj QWM Naylor

WO2 LR Roberts

Lt CA San Jose

Capt EA Smith

( Posthumous) Cpl RL Wilson  (KIA )

Maj ME Milford

Lt HG Bomford

Sgt KSA Gahgan

Rfn JA Irving

Maj NR Haddock

Maj MN Prideaux

Rfn PK Scannell

Cpl M Walsh

Lt Col ID Corden-Lloyd (Since Deceased)

Rfn DC Bosworth

( Green Jackets Brigade Below )

Cpl Costello 

Sourced from Wikipedia and the RGJRA  http://www.rgjassociation.info/

original source from www.thegazette.co.uk