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Military Medal

The Military Medal (MM) was until 1993 a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Army and other services and formerly also to personnel of other commonwealth countries below commissioned rank, for bravery in battle on land.

The medal was established on the 25th March 1961, it was other rank`s equivalent to the Military Cross (MC) , which was awarded to commissioned officers and rarely to warrant officers, although WO`s could also be awarded the MM.

The MM ranked below the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), which is also awarded to non-commissioned members of the army.

Recipients of the Military Medal are entitled to use the post-nominal letters (MM).

In 1993 the Military Medal was discontinued, since the Military Cross has been awarded to personnel of all ranks.

Regimental Military Medal ( MM )

CSgt E Bright

LCpl D Grant

Cpl RJ Bennett

Cpl RJ Tyson

LCpl SB Mitchell

Rfn JW Moore

Cpl WJ Lindfield

LCpl MJ Fryer

Regimental Military Cross ( MC )

Maj PM Welsh

Maj ID Corden-Lloyd

Maj CC Dunphie

Capt FR Sainsbury

2Lt M Smith

2Lt SJ Young

Capt RH Ker

Maj AR Turle

Capt AMF Carleton-Smith

Lcpl NAT Coleman DDLI

Maj RA Head LI

Rfn J Sivoinauca

2Lt RGS Lane

Rfn MD Lunn

WO2 RA Poulter

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