Oct 142022

Chairs Update.

On the same day as the Museum opening.

The Tribute and Memorial Chair were returned to their original place outside the Regimental Museum.

Both Chairs have been refaced, this was done as there had been damage to both.

Due to Covid and the lockdown the returning of the Chairs had taken longer.

There have been many rumours that they are different chairs from the originals.

To remove any ambiguity, the Chairs are the same Chairs they appear darker due to them being cleaned refurbished and refaced.

The Chairs are made from Granite sourced from India. Due to his properties the Colours will change due to Weathering.

The books were damaged so were not put back on.

The badges have not been put on, this was a decision that was not taken lightly.

The defacing of the badges by some had led the Directors to the decision, simple wording can be more effective.

Longevity is key and to replace the badges and the books would be costly, should they deteriorate in the future.

Taking each decision on merit we changed the wording slightly to include wording from General Balfour`s speech at the unveiling, he referred to Peninsula Barracks as the Spiritual home, we referenced it to be the ancestral home so we have put both.

The Rifles were removed and the Successors included this will cover all.

The Chairs make two statements one as a Memorial Chair the other as a Tribute Chair.

There has also been questions doing the various social media platforms in relation to cost of the refacing etc.

The main of the cost was covered by insurance (MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD) pays for the insurance and general upkeep of the chairs.

The differences additions word changing was paid independent of any insurance claim by MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD.

I hope this now puts the record straight. It is noteworthy that the Directors had wanted to meet with others to discuss this, however this was not forthcoming.

MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD will at some point in time endeavour to replace our graphic design of the Cap Badges worn and also replace the Books on the Tribute and Memorial Chairs.



“Our Waterloo” Picture Credited to Ken Cox Official Photographer of M.A.P