Oct 142022
London Bridge is Down.
Through the corridors of power, the message went out, not understood by all, of that there is no doubt, known as the boss by all those who served, our Queen was now gone, soon the full message would be out.
The twenty first of April nineteen twenty-six, born to rule this country, and never regretting it, to succeed her father at the age of twenty-five, with the man she loved, Philip, by her side. This nation became one, with the loss of our Queen, a crowd became a throng, they stood together wherever the Queen once lived, to honour her life, and return the love, that to all this nation she once did give.
She was never just a Queen, nor the head of state, who only on important occasions was seen, her life was of duty to the country she loved, to the people of these nations she went beyond duty, and gave everything she could.
In nineteen fifty-two, to the realms of Commonwealth, she was the Queen anew, Queen Regnant to thirty-two sovereign states, until her death, monarch still to fifteen, now mourned by millions over this world, length and breadth.
The gatherings around the places she lived, thousands of people to our Queen, thanks they wanted to give, to openly mourn her loss, to shed a tear, many had travelled to these homes, at great personal cost. To do her duty she joined the ATS, at the time of the second world war, she was going to do her best, to fill the jobs of many a young man, that had gone to war, for freedom and liberty they did fight, so she did what she knew was right.
One such man she came to love, a prince in the Royal Navy, of Denmark and Greece, a man she would marry as most of the world again was at peace, November nineteen forty-seven, just over four years before she became Queen.
At twenty-five a mother of two, she took over the crown, and knew what to do, a coronation for all to see, via new technology known as the TV, for the first time, millions would watch her inside Westminster Abbey. She provided a boost for this new industry, television sets were rented and purchased, around which an average of seventeen would sit, the experimental 3D technology along with colour film, were all part of it.
With two more children her family grew, not just our Queen, a working mum too, she toured the world to bring good will, but she had her own “annus horribilis” too, then her strength and fortitude pulled her through.
April twenty twenty-one, Philip her love was now gone, a nation watched her sit alone in a pew, a pandemic ruled, and many who had lost a love, even this they could not do, she would not dishonour them, she knew what to do.
Now our Queen Elizabeth II, to her last journey many are beckoned, in the streets of Scotland, many did cry, as her cortege slowly, them did pass by, they showed their love for her, for in their hearts, their Queen did stir. In Westminster Hall our Queen will lay, in state she will be there, so the people will have four days, the respect of the nation will be shown, as one by one they will pass by, to honour and thank her, with tears in many eyes.
Derrick W Sole. 08/09/2022.

1926 – 2022

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 

The Colonel in Chief of the ROYAL GREEN JACKETS