Oct 142022

Born Out of Bravery and War.

We served in a brigade that was born out of bravery and war, but by many names we were know before, political and financial needs, brought us together, and then once ‘Royal’, they did the dirty deed.

Infantry depot “O” Winchester, the upper barracks until 1948, and a place many came to know, three regiments became two, the Green Jackets Brigade, the KRRC and RB, riflemen, and a name by which many knew.

In 1957 politics and money again, two were to become three, but in Winchester they all would remain, Oxford and Buckinghamshire L.I. another regiment full of history, a new battalion formed of brave men and quality.

A new cap badge, full of each regiment’s past, their history, glory and pageantry, the names of battles surpassed, a cap badge full of pride and respect, every detail every nuance, the badge had to be perfect.

Now three battalions made up the brigade, for each many had fought, and their life they gave, they all wore their badge with pride, now this great brigade, those names they would not hide.

All ranks fill the honours list, fifty-nine Victoria Crosses, men of great bravery, that in battle until death, they did persist, like all men of the rifle, it’s in their heart and soul, the badge of the regiment, ‘Swift and Bold’.

From the 95th Rifles, to their modern decedents, the RGJ, another cap badge, but with royal it did display, a regiment’s homage to it’s history, and to those who the ultimate price did pay, the badge is part of their memory.

Many served in The Royal Green Jackets, from beginning to end, serving in conflicts around the world, losing many friends, so many died on the shores of this land, murdered by terrorists, while playing music in the park, seven of the band.

In 1992, politics and money strike again, three become two, but the regiment’s history remains, the same cap badge that remembers all those who serve and served, but most poignant, are those who did fall.

2005 came the dagger to our hearts, more political manoeuvring, of the Rifles, 2007 we would be a part, into history we would disappear, a great regiment and perfect badge, that any soldier could wear.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, in November, homage to the fallen we will pay, those who with bravery fought and died, serving under their regiments cap badge, with heart and pride.

Derrick W Sole.