Nov 242018

Sainsbury`s Christmas Advert  

Although the events we show in our ad are fictional, we’ve tried to make the details as accurate as possible. Everything from the insignia on the men’s uniform to the depth of the trenches is based on historical fact.

In this short documentary we talk to the experts who advised us, interview the grandson of a soldier who was there, and hear first-hand accounts from both sides.

We will be selling the vintage chocolate bar featured in the ad, with all profits (50p per bar) going to The Royal British Legion.
You can buy the bar in your local Sainsbury’s until Christmas, while stocks last. Subject to availability. Excludes online.

We’d like to thank Andrew Hamilton, Taff Gillingham of The Khaki Chums, Andrew Cleaver of, The Imperial War Museum for the use of their public archives and The Royal British Legion for their guidance, insight and support.

Story behind the Advert

Sourced from You Tube (Credited to Sainsbury`s)


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