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MOD Officially

Licensed Merchandised Companies

50 Cal Embroidery Limited

A1 Print Design

A R Wentworth (Sheffield) Limited and The Quaich Company (Scotland) Ltd

ABF The Soldiers Charity

All Arms Marketing and Manufacturing Organisation

Applewhite Gifts Ltd

APS Cufflinks Ltd


Armed Forces Gifts

Army 1157 Kit

Artman Designs

Badges on Mugs

Ball Watch UK Ltd

Banana Moon

Basat Ltd

Belstaff International Ltd

Bigbury Mint (Medals)

Black Cat Engravings / UK Military Gifts

Blackpool Logos / Army Clothing

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Bond and Knight Ltd

Bradford Exchange

Brian Williams NDF-UK

Bravo Delta Models

Brazier and Co Ltd


British Army Regimental Badges and Pins

British Forces Philatelic Service

BS Embroidery

Buttercup China Limited

C1000 Stiches

Canterbury of New Zealand

Cardholders and Cases

Carlton Books

Carole Souvenirs

Century Embroidery

CGA Engraving

Challenge Coins UK Ltd

Christopher Ward

Citizen Watch UK Ltd

Clevelands Wholesale Ltd

Club Coins UK Ltd

Col and MacArthur

Coldstream Kit

Combat Logos

Concept Products Ltd

Corgi Hosiery Ltd

CQ Cufflinks Ltd

Crafty Chap

Crystal Clear (UK) Ltd

Design factory Ltd

Duke Marketing

e Commerce Evolution

Eicher Motors – Royal Enfield

Elliot Brown



Erne Musical Supplies

Franzpix Limited

Fasic Co Ltd

Fitness for Sport

Fizz Creation

Flying Art

Forces Gift Store

Forever Jack Ltd

Fosters Traditional Foods

Funk Designs

Gadsden Tea

GA Global Ltd

G K Beaulah and Co Ltd

Gazebos Galore

Generations Gone By

Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau


Global Decals

Globe-Trotter Suitecase Co

Guernsey stamps

Gwegifts Ltd

Hackett Ltd

Handmade by Dani

Hanger 39 Ltd

Hargreaves Promotion

Harris Associates

Heritage Stone (UK) Ltd

Hornby Hobbies Ltd

Howman Books Ltd

Hyperspace Limited


Insignia CNC

International Insignia Ltd

Isle of Man Post Office

J and L Buttons and Bows

Jam Umbrella

JBN Engineering UK Ltd


Karl Kitbag Embroidery Services

KayWArt- Ceramic and Glass Giftware

Kingfisher Leisurewear Ltd


Krazy Gifts

Laser Carve Engraving

Laser Etch Coasters

Lincolnshire Lancashire Association

Lizard Workwear and Safety

Majestic Crystal

Make Penny Crafts

Marching Drums UK Ltd

Matilda’s Workshop

Regimental PRI and Wet Lettuce



Mil Fest shop

Military Covers

Military Figures and Gifts

Military Marketing International

Military Remembrance Pins

Morgan Technologies Limited



Oates and Son

OHM Clothing

Oxford Diecast Ltd

Papercuts by Amanda

Paton Feaver

Perkins Group

Personalized by Claire

Pineapple Joes Ltd

Plates of Pride

Poppy Pin

Port Original – Portcullis Brass

Portfolio Group

Premier Badges Limited

Pressed Men – Regimental Gift Company

Pride of the Skies

Pronto Images

Red 1

Regimental Brooches

Regimental Gift Company

Regimental PRI

Regimental Replicas (1995)

Richard Bland

RNRMC Enterprises Limited

Rowen Displays

Royal Mint

Royale Enamel

Select Business Gifts

Shani`s Embroidery Ltd

Shaw Munster Group (REV Gomm Ltd)

Shepherd Neame

SHH Interiors Ltd

Shirtworks Ltd

Simulator Supplies Limited

Slim Design

Spink and Son Limited

Squadron Prints Ltd



Swindon Blue Liners

Target Engraving

Tartan manor – Green Beret

Tartan Squirrel Limited

Terrane Ltd

The Herbert`s Trading Company Ltd

The Medal Box Company

The Naval Stores (Type 21 Club)

The Regimental Shop and The Bespoke Tie Company

Toppers Wales Ltd

Toye, Kenning and Spencer

Trade Mark Clothing and Gifts

Tradition Giftware Limited



Troops Logos

Tshirtstudio Ltd

Uckers Ya @uckers

UK Forces Gifts

UK Printwear / condor supplies

Ulster weavers

Under the Bark

Uriah Moon Screen Printing

Valour Bands

Veteran Creations

Westminster Collection

William Edwards

Windsor Mint

Windsor Saddler and Belt Company

Winning Moves (Top Trumps)

Worcester Medals

World Challenge Coins


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Memorial At Peninsula

Memorial At Peninsula

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Intellectual property of Memorial At Peninsula Ltd as seen on the Chairs, Transfers/Graphic Designs/Drawings of the following; the

Green Jackets Brigade Badge and The Royal Green Jackets Badge.

It is noteworthy to remark that both of the above are unique to Memorial At Peninsula Ltd as they differ from from those supplied by The Ministry of Defence in United kingdom.

Both Badges that have been used and to which Memorial At Peninsula Ltd own the drawings/transfers and graphic designs are not supplied by The Ministry of Defence however The Ministry of Defence are aware of their usage and have documented consent this is due to the differences and no licence is required for their usage and that permission is granted although this is a courteous gesture as they do not hold the rights to the badges.

Should the need arise documentation to the above facts can be supplied.

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