Sep 152018

The Crimean War

Episode One -The Reason Why

The devastating details of a long ago war are eloquently presented in this documentary. The Crimean War: A Clash of Empires is a well-researched look into the conflict that shook Europe during the years 1853-56. The bloody conflict that pitted Russia against a large European coalition is shown here to be part of a chain of long-held antagonisms that continue to this day. Perhaps of all the things we remember of this confrontation, the only positive aspect that emerges is the appearance of Florence Nightingale.

Episode Two -The Valley of Death

Episode Three -War and Peace

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The Crimean War Part Four

After it fell, peace became possible, and was arranged at Paris in March 1856. The religion issue had already been resolved. The main results were that the Black Sea was neutralised—Russia would not have any warships there—and the two provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia became largely independent under nominal Ottoman rule.

Sourced From You Tube (Jana Hullings) UKTVHISTORY