Jul 292017


How the KRRC Soldiers are Beautifying Clipstone Camp. “

Visitors to the Clipstone camp are astonished at the neat way in which many of the men have dealt with the little plots in front of their respective huts. Some prefer horticulture others, designs in stones,

The King’s Royal Rifles, who have not been there many days, have done wonders in this direction already.

“One capital design is that of a black cat done in coal with the words “Good Luck” worked over the top.

Two crossed bugles are skilfully done, and there are ornate designs in the shape of Maltese crosses with “Ypres,” “Mons,” and the names of other Belgian towns worked in pebbles.

Some of the inscriptions are in Welsh, a number of Cambrians being in the battalion. But the sportsmen take the cake for gardening. Their lines are dubbed the “garden city” of the camp.”

Credits to Small Town, Great War, Hucknall 1914-1918


 Sourced from ‘Nottingham Daily Express,’ 19th July 1915.