Jun 262016

Armed Forces Day 2016

at the

National Memorial  Arboretum

Julie Ann Rosser at The RGJA Memorial Alrewas



SATURDAY 25th JUNE 2016.

Whilst Veterans and Serving personnel, Country wide and those serving World wide for our Sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, pay tribute and respectful thanks as the newness of our Country dawned.

This year had poignancy not to be matched by any other than freedom from oppression that so many had campaigned for, and had been decorated for.

Our own Antecedents having earned in the sum of 59 Regimental Victoria Crosses and 2 RAMC VC`s attached to our antecedent regiments.


1854 Sebastopol- Rfn F Wheatley RB

1854 Inkerman – Lt the Hon HH Clifford RB

1854 Sebastopol- Lt WJM Cunninghame RB

1855 Sebastopol – Lt CT Bourchier RB

1855 Sebastopol – Rfn J Bradshaw RB

1855 Sebastopol – Rfn R Humpston RB

1855 Sebastopol – Rfn R McGregor RB

1855 Sebastopol – Lt JS Knox RB

1857 Delhi – Rfn S Turner KRRC

1857 Delhi – C/Sgt S Garvin KRRC

1857 Delhi – LT AS Heathcote KRRC

1857 Delhi – C/Sgt G Waller KRRC

1857 Delhi – Rfn J Thompson KRRC

1857 Delhi – Rfn J Divane KRRC

1857 Delhi – Bgir W Sutton KRRC

1857 Delhi – L/Cpl H Smith 52nd LI

1857 Delhi – Bgir R Hawthorne 52nd LI

1857 Delhi – Ensgn EA Lisle Phillipps KRRC

1858 Lucknow – Capt H Willmot RB

1858 Lucknow – Cpl W Nash RB

1858 Lucknow – Rfn D Hawkes RB

1858 India – Rfn V Bambrick KRRC

1858 Lucknow – Rfn S Shaw RB

1859 India – Pte H Addison 43rd LI

1864 New Zealand – Capt FA Smith 43rd LI

1866 Canada – Rfn T O`Hea RB

1879 Zululand – Bt Lt Col RH Buller KRRC

1882 Egypt – Rfn F Corbet KRRC

1884 Sudan – Lt PS Marlin KRRC

1899 S Africa – Capt WN Congreve RB

1899 S Africa – Lt the Hon FHS Roberts KRRC

1900 S Sfrica – Rfn AE Durrant RB

1901 S Africa – Lt LEA Price-Davies DSO KRRC

1903 Somaliland – Bt Maj JE Gough RB

1914 Belgium – Lt JHS Dimmer KRRC

1914 W Africa – Lt JFP Butler KRRC

1915 France – Csm H Daniels RB

1915 France – A/Cpl CR Noble RB

1915 Belgium – 2Lt GH Wolley QVR / KRRC

1915 Belgium – L/Sgt DW Belcher LRB/ RB

1915 France – Rfn W Mariner KRRC

1915 Belgium – 2Lt SC Woodroffe RB

1915 France – Rfn GS Peachment KRRC

1915 Belgium – Cpl AG Drake RB

1916 France – Bt Maj WLaT Congreve DSO MC RB

1916 France – Sgt A Gill KRRC

1917 France – 2Lt GE Cates RB

1917 France – Csm E Brooks Ox and Bucks LI

1917 Belgium – Sgt E Cooper KRRC

1917 Belgium – Sgt FW Burman RB

1917 Belgium – Sgt AJ Knight Post Office Rifles RB

1917 France – Rfn AE Shepherd KRRC

1917 Palestine – L/Cpl AJ Christie Finsbury Rifles KRRC

1918 France – L/Sgt JE Woodhall RB

1918 France – Sgt W Gregg DCM MC RB

1918 France – Rfn W Beesley RB

1918 France – L/Cpl A Wilcox Ox and Bucks LI

1941 N Africa – Lt Col VB Turner RB

1941 N Africa – Rfn. J Beeley KRRC

1914 France – Capt HS Rankin RAMC Att KRRC

1915 France – Lt GA Maling RAMC Att RB


The latter day Regiment The Royal Green Jackets this year also commemorates 50 Year of faithful service to Her Majesty it is fitting this year as with ever year to pay tribute to all who served with the great family of green and our Antecedents from which we have taken our lineage.

It was with great pride and honour that i commemorated them all remembering so many that are resting High on a Hill in the knowledge that they served their Sovereign and Regiment well.

A posy of Green, Red, Black and white was laid at the RGJ Memorial Staffordshire to mark our place in the back bone of the British Army, the Red, Green and Black resplendent of the Regimental colours the Red significant of the blood shed by so many the Green resplendent of the beret and the pasture where so many lie and the Black significant of the boots worn into combat Swift and Bold the White for the GJB and also the tears of many as freedom became reality and significant of peace. And those who had achieved a new dawn.

Have a great Armed Forces Day.

Today is to commemorate those that have and do go that extra mile for Our Country.

Some have laid down their lives, it is important to remember them too and their families.

Families that through a unique bond, remain members of the biggest most unique family in the Country, our Military family.

The Military family enter into a unique environment, where it is second nature to be apart from loved ones, to not be able to talk on the phone for very long if at all when loved ones are away. To write a letter with a unique bluey (free blue note paper/ envelope combination, going through a unique postal service.

Unique to be taken under the wing of others, to pack up every 2 years to move and not put down routes to have many vocational strings to your bow due to movement and taking different Jobs.

Being Mum and Dad a role forced upon us due to separation due to duty and for some sadly because they have received that knock on the door.

The Military family bolsters communities and as such the Military Covenant was devised for the integration of Military and Civilian life.

Marry a Service Man or Woman and you leave your old identity at the alter and you become a member of the Sovereign`s Armed forces family .

There is no text book, as with any marriage, however there are bonds and a code that is formed which lasts forever, as with any family there will be fallouts and on occasion the head of the family (let’s call him / her, the Families Officer will sort it out.)

There is a scrutiny that no civvy goes through on March out of a quarter, having packed boxes cleaned until you have earned the title a kin with a fairy tale( Cinderella or her Male equivalent) you are then marked on your cleanliness, wow betide it doesn’t match the Wardens’ criteria, some places look better on March out than when you took over.

Children form bonds they are more resilient than your average child, they accept a separation, empty chairs at birthdays and Christmas and other special occasions. They get used to moving around to different schools, they form an inner strength unique to their situation, they have a discipline and an air of responsibility from a young age, this either carries them through to greater things or a natural progression to follow in their heroes footsteps ( not a pop star or footballer or movie star ) their hero comes in a different shape and size and attire usually with shiney boots or shoes and a form of headdress ( Mum or Dad, and on occasion and older sibling Brother or Sister and load of Uncles and Aunties) their hero is Armed services.

Now today we commemorate the heads of those Military families and those that are attached to the Military the Boys and Girls who become Men and Woman of the greatest team,” The Armed Forces”

For those that have served even a day whether Full time or reserve, you earn the title Veteran.

For you there are memories some good some sad, a life which on enlistment was left at the recruits station, a new life on enlistment, training and discipline which Marched out on demobbing.

That discipline remaining along with a new dialogue and new family members until the end of time.

The Military brings forward, adventure, family, and a code, fun and sadness all held together with a proud band a strength that even when stretched does not break. Time stands still it is meaningless as if by magic it starts again at reunions, on the telephone or the face in the supermarket when we are together again.

For those that have now gone to the reunion in the Sky we remember them too, some memories bring forward tears , not necessarily sad ones but some of humour again a unique humour, but always of memories and a sense of belonging, “ he ain’t heavy he is my Brother, she ain’t heavy she is my Sister.”

Together we are your Armed Forces.

We are Veterans

We are family.

Today is Armed forces day.

Her Majesty has spoken from Windsor Castle to her employees and their families.

Now it’s’ the Nations turn.

Thank You.