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Sounding the retreat 2016


Prince Philip



The Rifles




Picture by kind permission of Anthony Bishop


A Rifleman to His Enemies

I am a Rifleman and I will come for you,

I will disregard your fire, each frenzied round, each frantic shot,

For if you show yourself to fight,

Infernal day of Stygian night.

Have faith that you will miss , and I will not,

You will slow me down, with hidden traps, and buried threat.

And though with every driven yard I`ll doubt the road ahead,

And with every measured stride, I`ll taste familiar dread,

I`ll sound the advance and drive and march and see your challenge met.

Where you are cruel and craven in your cowardice, I will be just,

Where you have looted and bullied and cowed,

I will empower and protect and see the Afghan proud,

My only theft is fear, my levy only trust.

I will stand in sombre salute, to the coffins you create,

Console those you have bereaved and nurture those you maim,

But I`ll not blind my thoughts with blame,

Nor surrender my sole to hate.

And when at home, I`ll touch with patient grace

To cold apathy and gathered crowds the same,

In certain knowledge that i will come again,

To this fertile, futile, half forsaken place.

I am swift of thought and bold of heart,Heed this warning i impart;

I will come at you with everything I can,

For I am and ever will be, a Rifle`s Man.


Captain John Barry 

 The Rifles

Composed in Patrol Base Silab, Afghanistan 2009












Pictures from Face Book and Google