May 042012


For some 2014 is two years after the world was predicted to end.

Food for thought, 2014 will bring forward new life, new challenges and for everyone will have a significance personal to so many.

For this project and in deed the team it is our goal to be able to unveil our aim and objective, the lasting tribute, the unravelling of history so unique to Peninsula Barracks and our forefathers and the regiment of the chosen men, the fastest Light Infantry regiment on foot The Royal Green Jackets.

Although our website is a web page dedicated to memory, the tribute will be a memorial for some in that we wish to take the present and next generation on a trip of history, as rich as the cloth that was weaved to form the uniform of the forefathers, who were domiciled in Peninsula Barracks Winchester, it will also be a trip down memory lane for those that have served their Queen and Country, furthermore it will be a place and time where one can quietly reflect on those that have gone before, some paying the ultimate price in campaigns of a bygone era.

2014 is also the anniversary of the first world war, which brought so many casualties and decorations but many battle honours, all of which have their significance to the Regimental forefathers.

In 2014 it is also the bi centenary anniversary of the Peninsula war, a land mark battle which has been marked by a battle honour depicted in the cap badge of the Royal Green Jackets.

2014 could if supported be another land mark year for  the historical city of Winchester, lets make it happen!!!