Jul 262020

Peninsula Barracks

Sacred Ground

I have stood on that square, like many who have been there; the one we always walked round, for that square is sacred hallow ground.

That voice we did fear, would ring out seemingly everywhere, someone had not seen him, and dared, to take more than one step across the square.   

You could feel all normal life stop, you were not there, but you thought you were for the chop, relieve all around, it’s not you who wondered onto sacred ground.

Though indistinguishable words you could hear, you knew the transgressor stood in fear, the chance they had decided to take, was now turning out to be a big mistake.

No excuse would be heard, with that step the devil was stirred, punishment was coming, that’s for sure, laps round the square more than a score.

But this was sacred hallow ground, it’s not just how many times you run around, it’s also the kit you will wear, just to remind you never again to step on there.  

It’s better to go the longest way, short cuts across the square, even the bravest would never dare, the RSM would come from nowhere.

It’s as if the square spoke to him, someone dare without asking, it matters not whoever you are, two steps on to the square, was one too far.

It’s the first step of loyalty, one to each other, as a family, the regiment you serve, queen and country, together you stand for eternity.

The RSM the controlling force, the centre spoke, the biggest voice, you stand by him, as you stand by all, together you answer Great Britain’s call.

For all those that don’t understand, pride of regiment and country together go hand in hand, the square is just a tool to be used, it’s not just you, it’s those who stand with you to.

Some will pay the ultimate price, even when not letting their mates down, means their sacrifice, the sacred ground a tool of advice, when in battle, you never think twice,

It’s sacred because after battle, it’s where we laid our dead, with regimental honour this ground became sacred, respect for those who paid the ultimate price, stepping on the square was disrespect to our dead, criminal in its device.

Derrick W Sole, copyright protected, 2016  


9 plt Passing out Parade 1973

1st Picture by unknown, sourced from Facebook

2nd Picture by M.A.P

3rd Picture via Philip Pickford