Sep 122017

Shoot And Scoot Film Collection

We have built up a selection of mostly UK Industry made films and TV items, our criteria for the collection is to source costume, props and Set parts from productions that are made here in the UK.

We have many Friends that have supplied and worked in the UK film Industry over the last 30 years, prop makers, armourers and costumiers etc.

We our selves are prop and costume suppliers .

We want to save as much of this work made by the UK film industry as possible, later on we,d love to save large set parts, what happened to the church tower in Saving Private Ryan or the basement bar in Inglorious Bastards these are the type of sets we,d love to save from the skips.

Our aim is to save film and TV props, costume and sets, with a long term goal of having our Collection housed in a permanent center-Museum.



The home of the vest best Airsoft skirmishes in Scotland The Hill has been running since March 2000 hosts regular game days every fortnight.
A mix of woodland and urban The Hill provides a variety of areas to cater for any scenario.
Regular themed days, ranging from WWII to Fancy Dress, add a fantastic amount of variety and the friendly patrons that regularly attend make any day here and enjoyable one.



Shoot and Scoot offer a wide variety of custom airsoft guns, equipment, clothing and 20th century militaria