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In the December of 1894 at the Rifle Depot Winchester, a fire broke out in the pay office in the King’s House and the buildings designed and built by Christopher Wren in the 1680`s as a Royal Palace for King Charles II were destroyed. The Rifle Depot, as it was called, moved to Gosport while the barracks were rebuilt.

It took ten years to replace the original King’s House with two new buildings built in a similar style to Wren’s original design, which came to be known as the Long and Short Blocks, and once more became the Rifle Depot in 1904.

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Looking from the Sergeant’s Mess



 The Clock above the NAAFI facing long Block in the Square


 Looking up at Long Block

 Looking between the columns under Long Block onto the Square

Many a Rifleman would have marched through the columns onto the Square

Two pictures over looking the Square from the HQ Block______


Waterloo Fountain Looking from the HQ Block towards the former Sergeant’s Mess


A view between the columns looking central onto the Square


            This picture is looking at the Long Block area where

Sir Winston Churchill and Eisenhower

Inspected Allied Troops before the D Day Landings______

Looking out towards the old Guard Room now Cafe Peninsula at the Romsey Road entrance to the Barracks

Many a boy would have walking into Peninsula,

but marched out a Man.


The Kings House area of the Square


 The Waterloo Fountain looking onto the old NAAFI



Inspection at a passing out parade on the Square

9 Plt doing the double past in 1973 on their passing out parade

Platoon Photo shoot

Inspection at Bushfield Camp where a number of Green Jackets trained whilst

The Rifle Depot Peninsula Barracks was being modernised

The Regimental HQ was always in The Rifle Depot Peninsula Barracks



For the lads that never made it Home



A Tribute to All who Served 






Pictures By Steve Barrett, Ken Cox and The Royal Green Jackets Museum FB