Jun 092017

Kelvin Crumplin.

Born in Bournemouth, Kelvin is better known for his work in the movie/film industry. Known for his work on Four winds (2013), earning him awards at film festivals in the United states, such as the prestigious Green Bay Film Festival, and the Los Angeles movie awards, winning in best short narrative, and short film awards ,and at the Green Bay film festival, the award for Native American film. Kelvin is also known for The Boys (1998) and Better than Sex. (2000)

Kelvin’s other passion is music, a Bugler for many years with his Military Family, The Royal Green Jackets, where he studied the Bugle. He had served with the Regiment for….. Years, serving in 3 Green Jackets in 1961 as a Bugler, then The Royal Green Jackets, before embarking on his career in the Film Industry.

The military training and discipline has served Kelvin well, as is ever evident in his work and management on set, and in the final rushes, the final productions, that are ever reliant on his preciseness and attention to detail, and the ability to achieve the aim and objective, to portray the story, and engage the audience, thus winning awards, within the Film industry.

 Once the owner of movielab, Kelvin provided funds for films such as Fragment.

Kelvin is freelance, and his company multivision235.com has recently shot a film to commemorate the, 50th anniversary of The Royal Green Jackets, this was filmed in and around Winchester in Hampshire, in particular the ancestral home, Peninsula Barracks, where many a new recruit (boys) were to become men and serve their Sovereign, the film was also filmed on location the new home of the Regiment, Sir John Moore Barracks.

The films trailer is out now, and the film is due for release on July 8/9 Th 2017, this can be purchased in Winchester or by contacting Kelvin at……..