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Green Jackets

The Green Jackets all wore the Brigade Badge with their own regimental shoulder flashers.

Green Jackets (RGJ) was an infantry regiment of the British Army, one of two large regiments within the Light Division , the other being The Light Infantry. It was formed in 1966 by the amalgamation of the three separate regiments of the Green Jacket Brigade

1 Green Jackets, (43rd and 52nd)

2 Green Jackets, (KRRC)

3 Green Jackets, (RB)

There were also two Territorial Army battalions made up as follows

4th(V) Bn Royal Green Jackets – formed from the remnants of the Rangers (KRRC), London Rifle Brigade, Tower Hamlets Rifles, Queens Westminster’s, Queen Victoria’s Rifles and Civil Service Rifles.

5th(V) Bn Royal Green Jackets – formed from the 4th Bn the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (TA) and the Buckinghamshire Battalion of the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry re badged

In 1992 1st RGJ was disbanded and 2/RGJ and 3/RGJ renumbered 1/RGJ and 2/RGJ respectively.

The last ever Royal Green Jackets unit was the London Oratory CCF who were  as Irish guards in 2010.

Their motto was Celer et Audax, Latin for: “Swift and Bold”). As they were used as shock troops and marksmen, they had to get to the front line of battle as fast as was possible; as a result the RGJ marches at 140 paces per minute (at a 15″ pace) whereas other regiments march at just 120 (with an 18″ stride). Until recently no other regiment has devoted so much time to becoming highly proficient with the rifle, even though it has been part of standard army issue for 140 years; as a consequence, the RGJ’s lowest rank (other than ‘recruit’) is Rifleman (Rfn), rather than Private (Pte), as in other regiments.




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Sourced from  Wikipedia and You-Tube