Jun 302019


A Talk


Dr Russ Foster

was on 21st July 2015 in The Kincaid Gallery, RGJ (RIFLES) Museum

Based on his recently published book, Dr Russ Foster’s illustrated talk will consider the huge impact which the battle of Waterloo had in the years after 1815.

Britons commemorated Wellington’s victory in a myriad of ways: in poems, paintings and statues; in street names and pub signs. They also joined the masses that descended on the battlefield itself, which quickly became more of a tourist attraction than a war memorial. After Wellington’s death in 1852, however, official acts of public commemoration declined.

This was the consequence of something more than the simple passage of time – for the legacy of Waterloo was both contested and politicised.

Russ Foster graduated with a first in history from the University of Southampton and was the first graduate to work on the Wellington Papers when they were deposited at the University in 1983. He has since written numerous books and articles on Wellington and Waterloo.

Sourced From YouTube(Credited to The Royal Green Jackets ( Rifles ) Museum Winchester