Jun 012018

There But Not There 


Peninsula Barracks

Pictures By Steve Barrett of Memorial At Peninsula Ltd©

Fitting Gift.

Wednesday 30th May 2018, Steve Barrett and Julie Ann Rosser Directors of (Memorial at Peninsula Limited) visited the Regimental Museum at Winchester to present a gift.

At the beginning of our Chair project it was hoped that we would install a Chair outside the Museum in 2014, the Hundredth anniversary year of the First World War, however we were unable to, due to unfortunate events which were out of our control.

That in mind we have placed two chairs outside the Museum, one a Memorial and the other a tribute chair, the tribute chair being unveiled at the 50th anniversary of the Regimental association.

On Wednesday we presented to the Curator of the Museum, Christine Pullen and to Brigadier Hayes an Acrylic Silhouette.

The Silhouette is part of the 2018 Armistice project,
“There But Not There,” this is the brain child of the charity “Remembered,”

There are 3 aims to the project;

Commemorate the fallen, to educate all generations, and to raise money to help those who are suffering from hidden wounds of service.

Profits raised from purchase of these silhouettes and statues go to Combat Stress,Walking with the wounded, Heads together, Project Equinox, Help for Heroes and the Commonwealth War Graves foundation.”Keep their Stories alive.

Some 888,246 British and Commonwealth servicemen and women lost their lives during the First World War.

The silhouette was created by Veterans working for the Royal British Legion.

The Silhouette is now in the Museum and is placed on two cases, the poignancy of its’ placement is within the First World War section of the Museum, it lends an image of protection,thought provoking a bringing home and an act of remembrance, the poignancy of the cases, they could be packed for deployment or being returned home, belongings of a lost one. “ALL GAVE SOME – SOME GAVE ALL.”

It is noteworthy to remark that on the silhouette is the date 1914- we have not put 1918 as there have been many campaigns after the First World War, no doubt there will be more, so many of our Riflemen have given all, we remember all.
On your next visit to the Museum, take a look at the “There But Not There” silhouette.


Vere Hayes

Holding The There But Not There Silhouette Statue

that is now on display in the museum


The Cases now on display at 

the WWI section in The RGJ / Rifles Museum.

Cases wording by Julie Spooner of GS UK Ltd


Ernie of Pictorial Ltd









The There But Not There silhouette sited in the RGJ / Rifles museum

has now been edged in gold foil so it shows the outline up more for the museum visitors. 

The 6 foot Metal There But Not There Figure

The Memorial Chair 

 The Tribute Chair below showing the only 2 Correct Badges

Green Jackets Brigade Cap Badge © and The Royal Green Jackets Cap Badge © 

Both Chairs are sited outside The RGJ / Rifles Museum.





Post written by Julie Ann Rosser

Photographs by Steve Barrett of Memorial At Peninsula Ltd©