May 162018

The Royal Green Jackets Association RGJA hold an annual reunion at Sir John Moore Barracks (ATR) Winchester, it is normally held in the second weekend of July, hundreds of former members of the Regiment flock to Winchester for this annual pilgrimage to see old friends and visit the former Peninsula Barracks,

The Ancestral Home of The Royal Green Jackets.

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Members of the Regiment have specific meeting places in and around Winchester from the Friday on-wards, one of the most popular being The Bakers Arms, situated just off the Main Parade, 22 High Street, down a passage

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Another popular meeting place is The Westgate, situated on the corner of Romsey Road

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Members of The Regiment also meet at The County Arms situated further up at 85 Romsey Road past the former Peninsula Barracks, some members class The County Arms as The HQ for The Royal Green Jackets. 

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Former members of The Royal Green Jackets travel far and wide to attend this annual reunion at Winchester, hotels and guest houses are normally booked up to a year in advance.

Caravans and tents are set up in the ATR Winchester from Friday on wards.

The Railway Tavern Hotel, 131 Angel Lane, Stratford London E15

Members of the Regiment meet up at this popular London Public House and Hotel

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The brainchild of the Central England Branch of the RGJA a fairly new reunion held near Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV13 6JX

this reunion is held in early August over a 2 day period.

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