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A female trying to enlist in Liverpool

In Liverpool a few days ago a person apparently a man, Applied to the Sergeant of the 60th Rifles who is on the recruiting service in the town offering to enlist.

The sergeant receiving such an offer from a promising youth, was not likely to reject it, and that once paid the shilling to the applicant, rejoicing, no doubt, at the bargain he had made.

All went well, until the usual course, Young recruit was submitted to a medical examination, and then was discovered to be a woman.

When asked to explain assuming a Male attire, she said that her sweet heart was a soldier in the 60th rifles, and if she wanted to be with him, that in Ireland; where she lived she had, had her haircut, and had donned the breeches and other habiliments particular to mankind, and in this disguise had come over to England, determined enlist in the same regiment in which a sweetheart was.

The discovery of a sex of course frustrated her intentions, and, being desirous to return, a subscription was made among the soldiers, and a sum sufficient to take her back to Ireland was obtained.

Sourced from the literary Gazette dated June 30th 1859.

By Phillip Eyden

Author Name Phil Eyden