Aug 152017

On 29th July 1915, Nottingham Brewery employee, Herbert Radford, was placed on probation for a year and instructed to to avoid alcohol during that time after admitting stealing from his workplace while under the influence.


“Magistrates’ Stipulation in Nottingham Theft Case.

“Herbert Radford, aged 26, a brewer, of Florence-terrace, Nottingham, pleaded guilty at Nottingham Guildhall yesterday 29th July 1915 to stealing three dozen bags valued 9s. 6d., the property of the Nottingham Brewery Company. According to the evidence the bags were missed from the brewery works and found to have been sold by by Radford to a marine store dealer named Killoran in Union-road.

“Detective Officer Johnson said that when arrested Radford stated that he thought the bags were of no value, but admitted that got 4s. 3d. for them.

“Mr. T. F. B. Beck, who appeared for the defence, said that Radford’s explanation was that when he took the he had had a little more to drink than was wise. Mr. Beck suggested that Radford should be put on probation and no conviction recorded against him.

“In adopting this course and putting Radford on probation for 12 months the magistrates (Mr. A. E. Blake and Ald. E. L. Manning) stipulated that he should abstain from intoxicants during that period. “It occurs to me,” said Mr. Blake, “that at your age there is very useful work you might be doing for your country.”

He had served, briefly, with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps in 1906 before buying himself out of the Army.




Sourced from ‘Nottingham Daily Express,’ 30th July 1915.

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