Mar 062017


Reveille at four in the morning, a battle ere the day’s done

A casualty list for reportin’—Army life’s not so much fun.

At seven, a meetin’ with Wellington, to work out an offensive plan

Or a siege that could win my promotion—not bad for a bastard, homeless man

After that it’s paradin’ o’ privates, then polish me gun an’ me sword

I’m not be of wealth or education, but a better soldier than any young Lord

An ambush comes next in the noon hour, with troops that I’ve just taught to fight

Couldn’t shoot for their lives or a farthing…but I think they’ve about got it right.

By Two, its all gunsmoke an’ screamin’: by three, we lead ‘em out, me an’ Pat

By four, a hundred dead soldiers, given by Nosey no more thought than a rat

At Five, I should celebrate with officers, but they’re Gents—they don’t want me around

Cos they only need me f’ battles, when my bravery c’n earn ‘em a pound

So I’ll spend all my time with the Rifles, with South Essex whose name that we made

And I’ll spend my nights dreamin’ of Eagles

Countin’ red-jacket sheep on parade.

Written by Farren M Robinson, (as a teenager)