Aug 042016

A Rifleman’s Prayer

As Chosen Men dear Lord we pray
You will inspire, guard and lead us
Throughout this day
Be there at our side when doubts enter in
And fill us with courage to overcome sin

For our country, as Riflemen, we do of our best
And give of our lives when put to the test
In the knowledge that those that are left
Will lay us together in eternal rest

In life’s greatest battle if we should but fall
Another Chosen Man will answer our call
He will pick up our rifle and also our sword
As we seek the way forward
That leads to the Lord

He will take us where our needs they’ll tend
And stay with us right to the end
And hold us safe and speak of thee
Until our eyes no longer see

Lay us down in God’s safe hands
And on our stone state
‘Here rests a Chosen Man’


23989170 Cpl D. Smith 2nd Green Jackets K.R. R.C.