Oct 142022

A Great Day

poem by D W Sole

A Great Day.

With all the pomp and celebration of a great day, with the freedom of the city, a parade will pass this way, the grandeur of uniforms on display, military music a band will play.

Flags and bunting flap in the wind, laughter and voices and faces that grin, barriers to keep the masses in, so from in-front of the parade, there’s no wondering.

Children get exited as the time grows near, they keep asking how soon the soldiers will be here, will they have their guns, will they fire them in the air, what about a band, is that them we can hear.

A week of rehearsal, to make the day look great, square-bashing, a soldier’s pet hate, nothing fancy, just the timing to get right, polish your boots and iron your kit, not worn it for a while, so hope it still fits.

Come the day, we all hope it’s by bus, after all the bulling, a truck, no way, scuff your boots, or an oily stain, the RSM will go insane, hope for the sun, dreading the rain.

Last chance for a fag, before we load up, a bus for the band, bloody trucks our luck, a drive to the town, police escort, so in the traffic we don’t get stuck, could do with a beer, or a brew in a mug, not cup.

The excitement of the crowds begin to build, soldiers and guns, to see, the children are thrilled, a line of police, both sides of the street are filled, in the distance a loud voice, silence, the air feels chilled.

Off the bus, there’s no time to waste, a soldier’s speed with little haste, the voice of the RSM rings out, let no one within earshot, be of any doubt, the band strikes up, and as one, we move out.

The people come out onto the streets, waving their flags, the soldiers to meet, the joys of the day, on faces does show, cheers and clapping, so the soldiers do know, Freedom of Entry, through the city they can go.

Through the streets we march, and the crowds we could see, smiling faces and children happy, all that square-bashing, now pays off, mind in neutral, marching’s not too tough.

A day of colour and a day of pride, the joy of the people, no one did hide, soldiers and civilians stand as one, freedom of the city, for all is won, the pomp and celebrations for all begun.

Derrick W Sole. Copyright Protected, 2020