May 012016

Ours is not to question why

Ours is but to do and die

If I fall and do not rise

Leave me there, say goodbye

If you pray with hopes forlorn

Then pray you’ll live to see the morn

As I lay beneath the night

I struggle with all my might

To live to see another day

Or at least the sun’s first ray’s

It does not matter if we win

We all fall in the end

As my spirit slowly falls

I can hear that fateful call

As my eyes mist up in a haze

I can feel Death’s icy gaze

As I die my last thoughts

Are not of pain nor of loss

But that I fight no more this world

And I leave life without remorse

’twas not mine to question why

Just my place to do and die

And I wonder what will happen most

It does not matter,

I’m but a ghost.

Philip Mason 2015