Jan 022016

The Devon and Dorset Regiment to The Rifles

11th Regiment of Foot ( 1751 )

11th (North Devonshire) Regiment of Foot in ( 1782 )

Devonshire Regiment ( 1881 )

The 39th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot ( 1719 )

The 54th (West Norfolk) Regiment of Foot ( Originally formed in 1755 at Salisbury as the 56th Regiment of Foot and renumbered as the 54th Regiment of Foot.

It was renumbered when the 50th Regiment and 51st Regiment were disbanded )

The Dorset Regiment was a line infantry regiment of the British Army in existence from 1881 to 1958

The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, usually just known as the Devon and Dorsets, formed in 1958 by the amalgamation of two county regiments, the Devonshire Regiment and the Dorset Regiment.

In 2007 it was itself merged into The Rifles.


Sourced from Wikipedia