May 042015

Here is our page to aid transparency to our fund raising.  

Fund raising has been ongoing since the start of the project.

The Project is hoped to conclude by 2016

Donations have been received from various sources :-


Directors of Memorial at Peninsula Ltd

General Public to include retired Military Personnel.

Overheads :-

Telephone Calls


Legal Advice


General Administration

Advertising and Promotional material, to include this Website.

Legal Licences required for promotion.

The above was covered and funded through NAT WEST BANK

Other expenses

Travel to include attending meetings.

Fuel and accommodation met by the Directors from their own pockets, on going expenses are still being met by the Directors.


The Directors have only claimed £376.00 during the start of this project.

Two Chairs have been commissioned to include a Memorial and a Tribute Chair

green pig2

Cost of the Chairs Approx £10,000 net not including VAT


Donations can be made to the Project

via this link

We wish to thank the following for their kind donations and support

via this link

Fund raising is still ongoing, this project is achievable with your Help

and the dedication of Two Volunteers

The Directors

Steve Barrett and Julie Ann Rosser.

During this project the Directors have adhered to legislation and regulations relevant to its business and in so doing acknowledge their legal responsibilities, obligations and liabilities.

Accounts can be viewed at Companies House.

Company Registration Number 


Recent Fund Raising; 

28th June 2015

Street collection Romsey Road Winchester

Total Collected £101.56

“Fund Raising Ongoing.”