Jan 292015

Passing Out Parade Peninsula Barracks

 (9 Platoon ) 1973

In this Picture Below

16597_POP_Dec_1973_(10)_jpg_fs9 Platoon Doing the Double Past


This Just made me cry seeing this so emotional, that’s when the barracks had life in it, all those old timers and n.i.g`s as my late husband used to call new recruits, with so much ahead of them, with the finest family, the Regiment.

This is why i want the chairs, if i could i would do more but the powers that be wouldn’t wear it,this is the heart of the project for me heart and soul the Regiment and you all who made it what it was i want to keep that alive if only with two chairs its not about uniforms, medals or artifacts, its about real people unity.

I read recently that blood binds us but loyalty ties us and makes us family, we are family, the family of green.

Please don’t let us lose sight of this are numbers are getting less, we must hold on to victory and remember by leaving something poignant, there is nothing more poignant than chairs where you can sit and reflect, remember or meet up with friends in the hallowed place which was the start of something great.


By Julie Ann Rosser

Sourced from You tube