Aug 172014


Own the Copyright to the artwork used on the Memorial Project for the Memory and Tribute Chair.

This legal copyright which is a registered copyright, is for artwork which replicates

the RGJ and GJB Cap Badges worn by the Riflemen and Officers during service with

The Regiment and many veteran service men.

The copyright was taken by MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD to protect the originality of the Cap Badges, thus protecting the honours within the Cap Badge, awarded for battle, Some Gave All. Whilst honouring those honours and protecting them, we also honour those that Gave, ALL GAVE SOME – SOME GAVE ALL. This copyright forms a shield of protection against those that are willing to allow the cap badge to be defaced in pursuance of monetary gain.

There is only one original Cap Badge. MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD do not endorse any other copies which are deemed to be fake.

MEMORIAL AT PENINSULA LTD are the only Company that can issue a certificate of authenticity to the graphic design artwork of the GJB and RGJ Cap Bade worn.

The RGJ Cap Badge 

The GJB Badge