Aug 172014

As a director of Memorial at Peninsula Ltd (MAP), Please permit to remove any ambiguity.

1 / The project objective from onset was to place a fitting memorial piece which would commemorate so many Historical Anniversaries, this year as so many, The 100 Anniversary of the start of the Great War, The 70th Anniversary of the D.Day Landings and The Bi Centenary of The Peninsula Campaign our family of green and our Antecedents where heverly involved in all of these campaigns and subsequent campaigns there after well will never forget those that did not return home their price was paid with Valour.

2 / There are 2 chairs commissioned The Memory Chair and The Tribute Chair, The Tribute Chair is for all Green Jackets this chair as a sole purpose of paying Tribute to our Regiment at our Historical Ancestral Home its our boot stamp and will have pride of place outside the Rifles museum it is intended to aid longevity to remain even if the museum falls casualty in this uncertain financial climate should it ever have to close, the chairs will be in place as agreed with the RGJRA The Memory Chair this year and the Tribute Chair in the agreed time slot.

3 / MAP has been in consultation from onset with various groups including the residents of Queens Square at the Barracks in Winchester, Queens Square is the housing developments name ironic its in the top barracks and the historical Queens Regiment, The Hampshires and The Queens now PWRR have Searls  House at the Bottom evermore reason to boot stamp our place at the Top Barracks… we have been to many meetings with branch representatives your spokes people when attending the quarterly meetings of the RGJA, the purpose was to gauge opinions input ideas and eventually agree on a worthy design your branch representatives where given information for its members to take back to branch and discuss the designs did not happen over night and Steve Barrett MAPS other Director and I have put in many man hours to numerous to count, we have kept updating when appropriate at various times including the 2013 Winchester Reunion and our web site is full of information as has frequent visitors, we also update on our social media including our facebook Page and our like page, there is every opportunity to be informed, The RGJA EZINE had also kept it readers informed and endorsed the chair design, The RGJA have have not financially backed the project and its resources are stretched but its president and other key members have contributed, this is a project for the men by the men, The RGJA gave MAP to go ahead with our project they are happy that we are giving a simple poignant message and including our antecedents our regiment including brigade and our successors.

4 / The design, The Memory Chair as badges of our antecedent regiments and our regiment including brigade, it also mentions in inscriptions our successors The RIFLES one whilst paying respectful remembrance, we are show casing our history some of you are surprised to find no cap badge for The RIFLES in simple explanation to place the cap badge of The Rifles on the chair would e-mesh the other regiments that form The RIFLES this would distract from the poignancy of remembering our family of green the antecedents and our successors, it was the decision of all involved to mention in name only, we must be mindful that there are changes in the military and one never knows if a newly formed regiment will change or amend its current cap badge say for instance another regiment joins with a newly formed regiment, the MOD is for ever changing the goal posts with depreciating numbers in certain regiments, The Memory chair as an additional 2 cap badges depicting our regiment and the GJB one on one side panel the other on the other side when both chairs are in situe it will not matter which side of the chair you stand you will be able to see both cap badges in pride of place. The Tribute chair pays tribute to all Green Jackets we have not placed an update photograph of the Tribute chair on here as we still in the checking process, none of the chairs have been signed off by the company directors yet, we shall do so when they are complete and we are satisfied, it is my coincided opinion that a Photograph cannot do justice to such emotive pieces seeing in person is a different perspective raising heart felt emotions the designs have not been without hitches hence the chairs where not ready for the reunion which was very frustrating for all concerned but we have consulted with various people and we have amended using the best solutions.

5/ In relation to the memory chair and the 100th anniversary of the great war the following is notable KRRC raised 22 Battalions and saw action on the western front and Italy, and Macedonia they earned 60 battle honours and held 7 VC`s there total men lost 12840,000.
The Rifle Brigade raised 28 battalions from a original complement of 4 and 2 reserve regiments, they too saw action on the western front and Macedonia they earned 52 battle honours and where awarded 10 VC`s there total men loss 11575,000 and the OBLI lost 5878, theses are not just figures uncoupled with our losses since both in brigade and regiment battalions to include reserves and our successors we will never forget, we will always be indebted to these fine boys they paid such a high price We shall remember them as they grow not old as a final closure i thank you for you support and continued support i hope this post removes any ambiguity both Steve and I the MAP team have the best interests of all in our hands and this is only possible because we are working with the finest, Thank you for permitting us to remember and show case the rice tapestry, History made by the finest and remembered and honoured at our ancestral home in Hampshire The Royal green Jackets official memorial is in Staffordshire The NMA.

The Directors of Memorial At Peninsula Ltd