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Dedication and Unveiling of the Memory Chair

This chair where designed by Memorial at Peninsula Ltd ©

All Gave Some, Some Gave All


Memory Chair - MAP 2 ©

Made of Tropical Green Granite

This chair where designed by Memorial at Peninsula Ltd ©

This is part 1 of the project, the Memory Chair; the second chair will be unveiled next year

for the 5oth anniversary of the Regiment. Fundraising is still ongoing; donations can be made via Paypal

This is a call to every Rifleman past and present

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“Once a Rifleman Always a Rifleman”

Order Of Service

Order of Service
Unveiling of Memorial Chair.

18th July 2015
RGJ / RIFLES Museum,
The Former Peninsula Barracks,
Romsey Road
Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TS

1200 hrs Bugler Anthony Bishop will sound the assemble


Brief informative address by Julie Ann Rosser (Director of Memorial at Peninsula Ltd)

On behalf of the Directors of Memorial at Peninsula Ltd, I would like to welcome everyone to today’s ceremony of memory, dedication and presentation.
I count it a real honour to be able to speak at this event.
Four years ago a project was started, its` aim and objective to leave a lasting memorial and tribute to those that have lost their lives and those that have served with our illustrious regiments, to include our antecedents and our successors, fondly referred to as our family, family of green.
During a reunion a fellow Rifleman raised a question leaving with it a gauntlet that Keith Egan, Steve Barrett and I picked up. Sadly Keith left early into the project, leaving myself and Steve Barrett to forge ahead. It is fitting to mention Keith to thank him for his support at the projects infancy.
Shortly after Keiths` departure a limited company was formed as a not for profit company, for the purpose of fund raising, which has been blighted by todays financial climate and therefore starved of funds, except for that of two major sponsors and kind donations from our supporters both Veterans and Civilians, endorsed by the Regimental association in the ezine. Fundraising is still on going, part two of the project is hoped to be completed for the fiftieth anniversary of The Royal Green Jackets.
The companies name is Memorial at Peninsula Ltd, manned by two Volunteers, myself and Steve Barrett.
Memorial at Peninsula Ltd is often referred to as MAP, which is fitting because the aim and objective of this project is to place those that served and died in service with their Regiment firmly on the map of their ancestral home, Peninsula Barracks, here where we stand today, often referred to as Pen Barracks.
Sadly the gates at Peninsula Barracks closed firmly in 1985, and The Royal Green Jackets faced many changes, relocation and in 2007 disbandment, bringing forward a new infantry regiment The RIFLES.
For the military personnel that had enlisted as Royal Green Jackets, they had gone full circle joining the newly formed RIFLES.
Once a Rifleman, always a Rifleman. It could be said our Regiment has gone full circle. The Historical side of our Regimental Family is here at the Museum, those who made history are in our Hearts and Minds.
It is to this that we must turn, although this is a dedication and presentation of a Memorial Bench; it is a celebration of life that was lost during service.
A return to Barracks, a Home coming.
This is not about name or rank; it is about Friends and Family, the uniqueness of Comradeship that becomes Family a Kinship of empathy.
Near on fifty years ago, The Royal Green Jackets having been formed from our Antecedents` called this place Home, their Ancestral Home.
This is Hallowed ground, and serves each year as pilgrimage for so many Veterans, our Family, young and old.
I bet, there is not one person who does not have a memory happy or sad about this place. I know I do, right up to the closure of the gates and the last Bugle sounding.
The chair as I choose to call it, because to me it is more fitting to have a comfy Chair at Home, than a Bench, does not have individual names of those that have given all, but has Regiments instead, some of whom, date back as far as 1741 and moving forward to present time 2007, the formation of The RIFLES. There is time of great challenge and great change ahead, ever tested by War, Conflict and Tragedy, losses are inevitable. Work is not yet complete in a War torn land.
The Chair is set here outside the Museum, so Visitor’s young and old, Veterans and Civilians can honour and memorialize those that have left the parade ground of yesterday, for them, there are no more parades, just a place high on a hill
This place brings order, a place of peace away from the turmoil and memory of conflict.
I urge every person young and old, to take time to share stories with each other, to soak up the spirit of this place, which has seen young men full of enthusiasm travel through the passage of time, to become Veterans.
The Chair is made in tropical green Granite, chosen not just for its colour, representative of The Royal Green Jacket Regimental colours. The Granite although green darkens to bring forward black and has red flecks in it,
Sourced from India, it symbolises so much, Granite has an unyielding firmness and endurance and stands with strength and determination, so standing proud, some would say Swift and Bold.
All of these characteristics can be said of our Riflemen, an unyielding firmness and endurance to the end.
Firm strength and steadfastness, a rugged determination along with that goes softness, to realise that there are moments, which command sympathy and sensitivity to a family member whether Colleague or Blood ties.
I thank you, all, for your support and belief in our project of which part one is complete.
Previously I mentioned a need to command sensitivity, today is that moment, as we remember all those that have lost their lives in service with their Regiment.
The Chair is the cuddle needed, that is given and should not be denied, to those who have lost, whether it be a Brother, Father, Son, Husband or Friend.
This is not about what it is, but about what it ought to be…
A Home coming. We shall remember them.

Julie Ann Rosser 2015 ©


Poem, Read By Keith Kneller
“Unless you’ve been a soldier” by Clive Sanders.
Unless you’ve been a soldier,
You just won’t understand.
The things that we have seen and done,
In the service of our land.
We were trained to live in combat,
And to deal with awful sights,
That shouldn’t be seen by anyone
And keep you awake at nights.

We don’t discuss the wounds we have,
To the body or the mind.
We just put our hurts behind us,
And turn our memories blind.
We are proud we served our country,
But remember those we lost.
For the freedom that you have today,
They paid the awful cost.



The unveiling of the Memorial Chair,


Christine Pullen (Curator RGJ / RIFLES Museum)

Steve Barrett (Director of Memorial at Peninsula Ltd)

Simon Booth-Mason (Vice- chair of the RGJRA)


Address by Padre Hugh Evans to include:-
An extract from the poem by Robert Laurence Binyon

(1869 to 1943) published on 21st sept 1914, “For the Fallen.”

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Last post By Bugler Anthony Bishop


A Time to reflect two Minutes silence

Reveille Bugler Anthony Bishop

Followed by brief dedication, of the Memorial chair, Padre Hugh Evans.

Wreath Laying Steve Barrett and Julie Ann Rosser
Prayers and Blessings, Padre Hugh Evans11781838_10153518100354187_7269817009082833416_n

Poem Read by Julie Ann Rosser
“The Chairs,” Author Philip Pickford RGJ, read by Julie Ann Rosser

“The Chairs”
( To sit and think a bit )
A memorial to stand so proud,
To catch the eye of the passing crowd.
Take a rest have a seat,
See who passes, who you meet
And while you sit in the cool day air,
Think about these stone carved chairs.
To some it’s just a piece of stone,
To others, a symbol that this was once, their home.
And when you leave here, And Leave you must.
Remember those Riflemen, who now are Dust,
In memory of all Riflemen.
Who have passed through Peninsula Barracks
and called it “Home”.
By fellow Rifleman P. Pickford RGJ

A return speech by Christine Pullen 

Foot Note (The Royal Green Jackets Regimental Association did not contribute towards The Chairs or any other costing of Memorial At Peninsula Ltd)